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market aerospace


Cyrca is proud to be involved with the aerospace industry. Cyrca works with industry leading suppliers who are building aircraft for tomorrow’s fleet, and private owners restoring the beauty of their personal plane. Our products offer first class technology. Depending on the application, we can give you tooling products and advanced processes to improve strength, flexibility, and durability. Cyrca will help you build with the industry’s top composite products.

market auto


Cyrca works on the front lines of automotive materials and process innovation. Major manufacturers and car enthusiasts alike use Cyrca to access the highest quality brands in the industry. Cyrca’s international distribution network makes it easy to get the right materials for any project.

market constuction


The construction industry is a leading source of innovation for Cyrca. Cyrca’s custom processes and brand network provide the industry with the materials and tooling needed to create structures with high integrity and a variety of attributes. Cyrca has developed deep experience on a variety of construction projects, and is the right choice for your next building project.

market marnine


The use of composite materials in the construction of ships and marine structures continues to increase rapidly as the advantages of composites over metal are realized. Cyrca specializes in products and processes that make ships lighter, more durable, and more resistant to corrosion. Cyrca gives manufacturers in the marine industry access to all of the products needed to build these structures with specific attributes to withstand a life in or near the water.

market medical


The medical industry is an exciting open market for Cyrca Composite Products. From custom-made prosthetics with specified functionality to PET Scanners that detect diseases in thousands of patients each day, composite materials are introducing new hope to physicians and patients in search of the next solution. Cyrca connects companies on the leading edge of medical technology with composite materials and processes that provide unlimited possibilities to help people lead more fulfilling lives.

market recreation


Composite technology has helped make recreational vehicles, campers, and boats less expensive to build while simultaneously improving quality and durability. Through unique processes that have been perfected over time Cryca Composite Products offers manufacturers fabrication, tooling, injection molding, and more to build products that customers love. If you are ready to build a brand that stands the test of time and the scrutiny of consumer use, Cyrca can give you access to the materials and processes that will make your products rise above the rest.

market sport


Golf clubs, tennis racquets, surfboards, snow skis, and jet skis – they are just some of the thousands of sporting goods products whose quality has improved dramatically due to composite technology. Cyrca works with top manufacturers to help build products that are lighter, faster, stronger and more durable than last year’s product lines. The applications for resins, fiber materials, and advanced composite processes is limited only by an inventor’s imagination. If you can dream it, Cyrca can give you the composite materials to build it.

market transportation


City, state, and national government leaders understand that economies of the future will depend on cost effective, reliable mass transportation. Composite materials and processes provide significant advantages to manufactures building the transportation systems of the future. Composite fibers, resins, and adhesives are used in buses and trains to make the overall structure lighter, more aerodynamic, and safer for passenger transport. Composite materials are also commonly used for in the interiors on seats, tables, and fixtures. Cyrca Composite Products is ready to help you plan for your next transportation project.