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Prestec Polyester Surface Coatings

Prestec represents the highest quality in polyester and vinylester coatings. Choose from a variety of sealers, putties, primers, and high-gloss finishes with clear and pigmented coatings.

Prestec polyester coatings are based on an isophthalic unsaturated polyester that will surface cure when exposed to the air.

How to Repair a Damaged Surface

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  • Exceptional quality in curing performance
  • Exceptional shelf life in unopened container
  • Exceptional clarity and U.V. stable clears
  • Rapid cure, easy sanding primers


  • Fiberglass reinforced thermoset plastics
  • Wood (MDF and exotics)
  • Marble (synthetic and natural)
  • Tile plastic
  • Aerospace industry applications
  • Musical instruments (guitars and pianos)
  • Glider and sailplane industry
  • Automotive
  • Exotic interiors for auto, aerospace, and marine
  • Pool and slide resurfacing

Prestec Vinyl Ester Surface Coatings

Prestec vinyl ester coatings are based on an Epoxy Novolac Vinyl Ester resin system that will surface cure when exposed to air.


  • Tremendous adhesion properties
  • High heat distortion temperatures (HDT)
  • High elongation properties
  • Osmosis resistance for underwater or high moisture application


  • Marine fabrication, repair, and restoration
  • Corrosion tank and pipe linings
  • High temperature plug and tooling surfacing
  • Many submersible applications

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