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We are proud to partner with some of the most respected brands in the composites industry. Cyrca connects you with the highest quality products out there to ensure that you feel confident in every completed project that leaves your facility with your name on it. If you have questions about any of the products below, call us. We work in a complex industry. Our goal is to bring real value to you and your business environment. We're not your composite products distributor, we're your partner.

Process Supplies – Open Mold

ES Manufacturing

Rollers, wedges, scissors, tools, etc.

Various suppliers

Mixing cups, mixing sticks, catalyst bottles, squeegees, putty spreaders, dust- masks, respirators, disposable clothing, etc.

Cyrca Consumable Products

Infusion pumps 6” X 1000’ roll perforated release film 4” X 325’ roll Enka fusion Vacuum hose clamps Vacuum infusion PE tubing, .375”, .500”, .625” Nylon connectors (tees, straight, elbows) Tube cutter Vacuum Gauge (-30” to 0”)