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Cyrca Composite Products Company was created with the mission to bridge the gap between Customer / Product Supplier, Customer / Technical Process, and Customer / Product Solution.

We gathered a team of individuals together, who collectively possess the knowledge of Product, Application and Technical Process. Combining these skills with a collaboration of experiences; we can develop solutions for the chronic issues that prevent fabricators having success in standard methods and from advancing their methods and processes.

Our first step in this mission was to have customers share with us the constant and overwhelming obstacles they encounter daily. This would demand for us to create an intimate level of trust between us and the customer. We would accomplish this by sharing our relevant experiences and successes.

Our approach is to place ourselves in an objective, unbiased position. In so doing we can source the best products available, the most relevant process available, and the best distribution team available for the customer. We can only call this a WIN, WIN, and WIN situation.

Cyrca is the new definition when it comes to total solution oriented focus. We do it for the advancement and success of our customers. From the largest fabricator to the weekend hobbyist, we care and we can.

We are not the end all / do all for everyone and will not waste your time, energy and finances. We will let you know immediately if we have a solution for you. If we don't, we will guide you to where you can find the correct solution. You will always win with Cyrca CPC.